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What They Said


Legendary E Street Band drummer, Vinnie ‘Maddog’ Lopez, whose licks are immortalised on Springsteen’s first two albums, gave an E Street injection to BRUCE JUICE, penning: “Bruce Juice Rules. Rock ON !! Vinnie Maddog Lopez – E St HoF 2014” – referring to Bruce Springsteen’s induction of original E Street Band members Vinnie Lopez and pianist David Sancious into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

“I’ve never been a fan of Bruce Springsteen and I’ve never seen him in action, so I can’t say whether Bruce Juice is authentic, but, by heck, they were good and put on one hell of a show.” – Rigger

“Had a brilliant night! Great performance and a real tribute to The Boss – well done guys!” – Pete Davies

“Great night! We had great fun!” – George Jealouse

“Thank you guys for an amazing night..you were all so great and the dancing was a bonus! Please come back to Wokingham soon..x” – Sue Needham

“Fabulous gig at Wokingham, June 2019. Highly recommend. Go see these guys” – Richard Broad

“Fantastic show, thanks for a great night” – Terry Marshall

“Now seen Bruce Juice three times and they’ve been better each time. Bruce’s music speaks for itself and this band have the musicianship to pay true homage while adding their own character. Outstanding play supporting a charismatic lead and together they mix Bruce’s anthems with some albums classics that will delight longer-standing fans. They really do provide a great night out, for both Bruce fans and lovers of great live music.” – Paul Moran

“Good luck Bruce Juice”

Jake Clemons of The ‘E’ Street Band, pictured in front a silhouette of his uncle Clarence on a Bruce Juice poster, gives a thumbs up to the new band and pens a good luck note to the Bruce Juice sax player